Bobbi Mastrangelo GrateWorks

Pollution & Prevention

"People Start Pollution-People Can Stop It!"

1988 Assemblage 37” x 31” exhibited in Smithtown Township’s Annual Juried Show
1989 exhibited at The Mills Pond House, St James NY
Presently on loan to Baltimore Public Works Museum.

People Start Pollution - Cigarette Litter People Start Pollution - Medical Waste People Can Stop Pollution - Clean, Paint & Plant
Cigarette Litter
More Pollution
Medical Waste
Stopping Pollution
Clean, Paint & Plant

Description: 3 removable sections of old wooden fencing, hinges, velcro, foam bases and water valve covers, cement wash, model hand, auto ash tray, discarded cigarette butts, sand, simulated medical waste and beach scene, waste basket section, exterior paint and a live plant.

Review Excerpts:
“Some Wowsers Light Up Mills Pond Art Show”
by Susan Bridson,
Times Beacon Newspapers: November 1988.

“A beautifully strong art show is on exhibit… (Smithtown Township Arts Council) For curiosity’s sake, see … For fun see…For thought, see Bobbi Mastrangelo’s mixed media, “People start pollution, People Can Stop It!”

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