Bobbi Mastrangelo GrateWorks

Islip Art Museum
July 23, 1989 – August 5, 1989

Islip Art Museum, 50 Irish Lane East Islip NY 11730 USA

A Competition for Long Island Artists ~ Judge: Jennifer Cross

Selected Artists:
James Beatman, Lon Brower, Don Bruschi, Gregory Casella, Ralph Claro, Peg Crossfield, David Haussler, Bill Kiriazis, James Kleege, David Jackier, Karen L. Martin, Bobbi Mastrangelo, Laura R. Haleman, Barbara Miller, Margaret Miller, Frank Olt, Glenn Reed, Margaret Roleke, Mena Romano, Barbara Roux, Christopher Solber, Jeff Turner, Elena Urbaitis, Suzanne Van Loon, Antoinette Vickers, Marcia Widenor and Gregory Williams with a special installation by Susan Togut.

“Hazardous Waste Site” Proposal

This installation will be a variation of The Hazardous Waste Site exhibited at The Mills Pond House, St. James 1988. 

Hazardous waste spills from an open section of a fifty-five gallon drum onto an abandoned dumping site near a water supply cover.

The perimeter will be roped off with stanchions or posts and fluorescent warning tape.

“Hazardous Waste Site” Proposal
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by Bobbi Mastrangelo


  • SIMULATED HAZARDOUS WASTE: painted and altered expanding foam

  • BARREL: Section of a 55-gallon vinyl drum, textured and painted (weathered appearance)

  • LAND SITE: approximately six cubic yards of soil and aggregate. Imbedded grasses, debris, and symbols of toxic and medical waste would be tamped into a free form mound supporting the barrel and edging up to the water cover.

  • WATER COVER: cement sealed polystyrene, painted.


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Left Front Dead End
Left Front
Dead End

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The Creation of the "Hazardouse Waste Site"
Story behind the art
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