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Baltimore Public Works Museum



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In Celebration of
National Public Works Week

"Grate Works"
Manhole Cover Exhibit

featuring the work of
Bobbi Mastrangelo

May 1996

The Baltimore Public Works Museum Album (click title to see it ) highlights the moving of artwork to the Bultimore Museum, and the 1996 Exhibition and Reception. Lists of the exhibition pieces and items in their archives are below. Presently, a small selection of works is displayed near the Museum Gift Shop.

Story behind the Art Work- Art Dilemma: Tells the story of moving some of the art to Museums.

Baltimore Part of Current Exhhibit

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Grate Works” Exhibit
at Baltimore Public Works Museum in 1996

Art Work in the Exhibit

Eureka American Flag
26" x 32"
Collagraph on HM Paper
Eureka Water Dept. Cover
26" x 32"
Collagraph on HM Paper
Eureka Water Dept. Cover
The Grate Images
25" x 25" x 1.5"
Sculpture Relief
Cover Mold (Water Supply)
30" Diameter
Sculpture Relief
When the People Care
30" x 24"
Collagraph Collage (Deeded)
24" x 30" x 1.5"
Paper Relief
City Views II
17" x 14"
Traced monotype on HM Paper
City Views II -We're All Connected



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